6 Fast SmartPhone Charging Technologies 2020
Fast Charging Technology has changed the way we use the Smartphones, especially when we consider Smartphone usage(screen time) & longer time of battery charge.  Smartphone evolution brought more things to life after it is launched. There is a Drastic change in way we used Mobile phone for just calls & Messages and to Online Banking, Capturing… (0 comment)

How to Enable Full Screen Mode in Chrome?
Full Screen Mode on Chrome is quick to go with shortcuts and you can also activate it using the different Tricks on your Web Browser Chrome Web Browser is faster internet Browsing tool used by millions of users around the world. And besides its Performances features, it has got built-in features to make it more… (0 comment)

A Beginners Guide to KIK App, How to use Kik?
The Most Popular Instant Messenger app Kik, has reached more than 100million people with unique Feature of Chat without using mobile number. It has amazing feature likes: Profile integration, Live Typing status, Media Sharing, Video Chat etc. Kik Messenger (Kik in Short) made the conversation on smartphones more easy & at zero cost unlike the… (0 comment)

101 Funny Instagram Captions & Quotes for Insta Profile
Funny Captions & Quotes are most searched one’s in Google, as the Social Networking sites are connecting more People around the world. Making the Profile more interesting can bring in more followers and get more exposure any Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok. And Preferably More Insta users are looking for Funny Instagram Captions to add… (0 comment)

7 Best Reddit Alternatives to Try out for Redditors
The simple Front of the Internet Called Reddit is the Best Sources for give your thoughts and get information from the knowledgable People. This Website has designed to unlift the Best info based on the other Redditors with “Vote” feature and it brings more appreciations to write Better thoughts on any topic. And some of… (0 comment)

How to send long videos on Whatsapp(4 Best Ways)
Send long videos on Whatsapp: Whatsapp is the Popular Messenger currently used by billions of Smartphone users around the world. It is the Most Preferred App to Chat with any Mobile User with internet access along with highlight features like Image, Audio, Video, Document, location, Contact Etc, Here in this article, I will explain you… (0 comment)

4 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android Phone
Would you like to find out a solution for this problem and increase the battery life of your phone? and tired of searching for it ? Here you will know the best apps which are helpful to you, to get rid of this problem. There are many battery saving apps available in the app store… (0 comment)