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How to update google play store manually on Android

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How to update Google Play Services: Unlike all the Mobile Apps on Android & iOS, you need to Update the Google Play store in a Different way. And before you come to the conclusion to that , Google play services needs an Update do check the Current Version of the Application with the Latest Version of the App. You may feel like, does it really needs update, then you must understand unless Google play App is Stable we cannot make use of all the apps installed from it. And Here I have written about ‘How to update Play Store App’, so do read the Complete Guide to learn the procedure for updating the Mobile Apps

As we know, Google Play is the Store for Browsing and Accessing the Applications on the Android Operating System. In General, it makes all the app available for you and gets you all the latest updates on time with the Internet access. And in case you face problem with the applications on your Mobile, checking the Version of the Play store is Very important. And you can get the Complete procedure below.

How to update Google Play Store Manually on Android:

how to update google play store manually | update google play services | play store update download free | how to update google play storeNow, Let’s begin the actual Process to update the Google Play Services on the Android now’. Overall, we have to follow 4 basic steps to complete the App Updating Process, Starting with downloading the Apk to Getting the Exact update

Step-1: How to check the Current Version of Google Play store

Firstly, you need to check the Current Version of Google Play App this way:

  • Open your Smartphone and navigate to Google Play Application
  • On the Main Screen of App, Swipe from Left to Right Side to get the Menu options
  • Now Scroll down till you reach the ‘Settings’ option, Click on it
  • Here you get to see the Google Play Settings page
  • Navigate to ‘About’ Section on the Settings page , and Tap on it
  • Finally, it displays ‘Play Store Version’ Option, note down the Current Version of Play Store App

Now you got the Current status of Play Store App, After that you need to Compare it with the latest Version on the Official Web Page of Google Play. If you got any mismatch , then read the Second step

Step-2: Enable Known Apps installation on Settings App

Before you could install an Application, you need to Enable the Unknown Sources Feature on settings App :

  • Head Settings App and navigate to Security Option
  • Click on Security option to view the Device administration Page
  • There, Check the ‘Unknown Sources’ Box

That’s it, you have enabled the Settings to allows the installation of App from External Sources

Step-3: Get the Apk File and Install the App

Here we are installing the Google Play Store Latest Version through Via Apk File, so now Follow the Below steps:

  • Go to Google Play Store Apk App, and download the Apk file from the Bottom the Web Page
  • After the Download Process is Finished, Navigate to the downloads Folder on the SD Card or Phone Memory
  • Now Click on ‘Apk’ file and Confirm ‘OK’ to initiate the installation process

Follow the instructions shows in between the process and With in few seconds it completes the installation

Step-4: Get the Exact update

After Completion of the App installation, open the app to Get the main Screen, and Again follows the basic Instructions as menitioned in Step-1 above to Check the Current Version of Google Store App

Therefore, All this 4 Steps will end the ‘how to update google play store to latest version’ Section. Similarly, you could follow the same procedure to get the latest Version of any Application on Android Phone. Hope this guide helps you in learning about the Google play store, do comment your views

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