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What does ‘Tinder Green heart’ Mean in Tinder App?

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Tinder is the most rated Dating App on the App Store, it has changed the way a person could find a match. It has added more security to have safe communication in the application. Coming to Matching Profiles, it has includes Tinder Green heart option in the Tinder Dashboard. Here in this article i will explain you about this Feature

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Tinder follows simple algorithm to sort the profiles for any new users. Besides the Filtering the Profiles with Gender, Most of the Profiles on the Tinder are sorted based on users Geo Location. Users are more likely to meet other than virtual place, This way Tinder App has implemented this feature to make it more user-friendly. Thereby find the best profiles to increase the changes of Match. As a First Priority user has to provide all the information in the Profile section in First Step of creating Tinder account

What is Tinder Green Heart?

Tinder Green heart mean | Tinder Heart | Tinder Green heart on Tinder app

Tinder Green Heart is one of the ways to choose the match based on the Profiles shown to any Tinder app user based on the interests mentioned in Personal details. If you are a new user and just signed up with Tinder, Then you can easily understand the Tinder Green heart by reading the below information

A New user once created the account, get to fill the personal info like Bio, Interests. This way you give input to tinder app to sort the Profiles with specific interests, Personal details like age, gender, location etc. Then the new user will be shown the Profiles which has more chances of getting a match.

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Now when coming to the List of Profiles( one by One) you will be shown, there are five options to choose your match: Refresh, Dislike, Super-like, Green Heart, Boost(Flash icon/Bolt icon on tinder)

This option makes the process easy to pick the one who is already interesting in your profile. when a user and his/her opposite profiles are like each other, then you get a match. Therefore you have the choice to chat with the person.

Out of all the Options: we have Tinder Green Heart to show your interest towards a profile

Tinder Green Heart means Liking a profile. “Tinder Green heart or “Like” are both same. Instead of hitting on Like for a profile, you can even Swipe ‘Right’ to favourite under liked profiles

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