Spotify Premium Apk Free Download for Android & iPhone

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Spotify Premium Apk:  Download Spotify Premium Apk for Free now, Here we have created this Post to help to access the Free Apk File of Spotify Premium. Spotify can be downloaded in different portals and there may be a Chance of getting the Virus with it. Hence we provided the Secure Apk file for Free to Download without any Timer or waiting till the Clock Rings.

Spotify Premium:

Spotify Premium Apk IOS (Download) & AndroidSpotify is a Free Digital Platform for Streaming Audios and Podcasts all over the World. It mainly gives access to unlimited number of Songs to hear & Download based on the Standard & Premium Account Subscription. Spotify helps to avoid the unwanted Audio player Apps & Frequent Search & download of the Music Files from the Internet

Mainly, on Spotify we have two different accounts, one is Standard (Regular one) and other one is Premium Account. Both the Accounts have equal access to the Music files with a Few limits.

Few Limitations on the Spotify Standard app are regular advertising banners & Promotions that disturbs your Mood , and Offline access to the music files by downloading your favourite Audio files

Now let’s know about Spotify Premium in Next section.

Features of Spotify Premium Apk:

Offline Music Access:

Want to save Music files online? then no worries! its Spotify Premium Account, you can download your favourite Music apps on the Smartphone and access them offline without Internet connectivity.

Zero Commercials:

Get completely ad-free experience on Spotify Premium Apk Online and turn off the music when ever you wanted without any break only on Spotify Premium App

High-End Audio Quality:

Listen to Smooth and Clear Quality of the Music by tuning to your Favourite Gaana (Song) & enjoy the music to its Full Extent

Repeat & Shuffle:

You can Listen to the Same music by putting it in a Loop or Play the whole music files in an Albums in a Shuttle Mode, this feature is available only on Spotify Premium app

Play as you Wish:

In standard version of the Spotify Premium, you get to listen the Full length music file till the End and you cannot Skip it, but in Premium version you can listen to any music as you wish and you have a choice over selecting the Song

Spotify Premium Subscription:

Spotify Premium subscription varies on different people based on Education & Profession. and you can check the Best Plan suitable for you from the below Explanation:

Students doing their Graduation or Above that can avail a discount on the Final Price of Spotify Premium Subscription and if you are a working professional you need to play the Regular price without any discount or Coupon applied on it.

If you are living a country that has no restriction on Spotify app can easily get the Spotify  premium app with a Subscription on the app by downloading the Spotify app.

How to install Spotify Premium Apk on Android:

Spotify Premium Android apk is downloadable with a click the file. but before that you need to get the Spotify Premium Free apk File from any web source.

To make it easy for you, we have mentioned the Spotify Premium Apk File at the end of the Article, do check it and download the file for Free online.

Instructions for Installing the Spotify Premium Apk

  1. Go to Settings App on your Mobile & Click on it
  2. Scroll down till you Reach to “Security” Tab & open it
  3. Navigate to ‘Unknown Sources’ and Turn ON the Toggle Symbol
  4. A Pop-up will be displayed on the screen, where you have to Click on ‘Yes’
  5. Next Navigate to the Downloaded Spotify Premium Apk File on your Mobile or PC
  6. Click on the .apk file to initiate the installation Process
  7. Now Follow the simple Instructions shown the installation screen
  8. On Final Page, CLick on “Done” to Boot the Spotify Application and Start using it
Apk File Information:

-> File Size: costs you 25 to 30 MB space in the SD Card or the Internal Storage Space

-> File Name: Com.Spotify.musicApp

App Requirememts:

  • 4 Gigabyte Storage Space
  • 1GB RAM for Smooth Functioning
  • Wifi/High Speed Internet Connectivity


Download for Android:

Download Spotify Premium Apk

Download for IOS

Spotify Premium Apk IOS

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