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Spam Protection for Text Messages by Google is Rolling Out Now !

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Spam protection is really needed for the Text Messages to avoid all the Promotional and Spam messages sent by Bulk Messenger applications in the Market. Even if we share our Mobile Number in only on important cases, there is a Case that you receive a lot of Spam Messages because of one of the Marketing Strategy use by the Businesses. Mobile Marketing is the Best Marketing Choice to reach out to Customers and it gives more exposure. But it has made way for the Spam Text messages too. So we have no choice, but to install the Spam Protection applications on the Mobile to stay safe

Spam Protection by Google | Android Spam Protection | Spam Protection for Text messagesTo Protect you from the Spam, Google has introduced Spam Protection feature to the Android Messaging App itself. This feature will definitely add an extra layer of protection to block the Spammers. With this New upgrade, Messages from the Spammer will be analysed and if it is too serious. it will definitely block the Contact number from reach out to Android devices

Spam Protection for Android | Spam Protection for Messaging AppYou can get this Spam Protection will the Next update of your Android Messages App. Wait for it roll out to your Smartphone Models.

if you are too irritated by Spam Messages, get the Third Party App called Truecaller. it works best, and Even i use this Application for my Android Phone to avoid frequent notifications of Spam Text messages.

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