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How to sign out of Google play store in android Mobile

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The trend of using a Mobile phone upgraded to Different Operating systems. Android, IOS based mobiles have become popular in the present market. Android Mobile phones are more common as per the budget. Coming to Main Point , All the mobile application can be downloaded only from the Google Play Store. It needs an account to sync and identify your Device.

How to sign out of Google play store in android Mobile


You may have following reasons to delete the google account from Mobile Phone. Here we are provided with few tips to Solve the entire issue of the App Store

Reasons for Logging out of Play store:

You want to buy or sell an old mobile phone and Need to change the Former user account.

May be using multiple Gmail accounts for Application for different account:This may lead to spam and can’t synchronise the data with the Google account.

Few tips before you choose to delete account from Play store:

Logging out can give you, a possibility to Re-login, by downloading an Application from a store. If you have a problem with syncronising, then, you can uncheck the Android apps in the account settings.

 If you are problem to logging out of the Google Play, the Following Steps will guide you to Remove your account for App Store

Quick Tutorial to Log out from Google Play Store Account:

We have two methods to sign out from the Google account: one, by directly removing your account from settings. Other, by Installing an application called ” Log Out.” 

Direct Method to Sign out from account :

Go to Settings in your device, Then tap on the ” Google ” from the list of all the available accounts like facebook, WhatsApp. etc.

Then you see a list of Apps with ” sync – Option “. Just tap on the Remove account from the Top right corner Menu. That’s it. You will get a pop-up to confirm for Deleting Account.

Sign out using the Android application:

Having seen this issue in Android, Some developers have created an App called ” Log Out ” for the easy process of Play store account log out. So, here are the quick steps to continue

Search for Log out the application in Play store.

After installing the application, You will get a Pop-up asking for logging out all the existed user account in the device. Confirm it by clicking in the ” Log Out  all Accounts.” 

Done !

Now you have learnt to remove the Play store account from Android Mobile.

Give your feed, through comments, about how this quick steps worked for you.  the best of the two methods.

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