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How to send long videos on Whatsapp(4 Best Ways)

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Send long videos on Whatsapp: Whatsapp is the Popular Messenger currently used by billions of Smartphone users around the world. It is the Most Preferred App to Chat with any Mobile User with internet access along with highlight features like Image, Audio, Video, Document, location, Contact Etc, Here in this article, I will explain you the Simple & useful Tricks to send Video files more than 100MB

How to send long videos on Whatsapp

How to send long videos on whatspp | Send Large Files on Whatsapp | Share Videos on Whatsapp more than 100MB | 16MB Video on Whatsapp

Whatsapp Messenger is now extended the File Sharing size from 16MB to 100MB. Any Whatsapp user can share a Video File of 100MB based on Video Quality like MP4, HD, 4k Etc. So, in general, you have no choice or option to extend the limitations assigned by the developers of WhatsApp. But, in this case, you can pick different options to Optimize, Trim, Media storage app Etc

There are Several Queries related to Send Large Video more than 16MB like:

  • What length of Video can I send on Whatsapp?
  • How can I Send a 5 Minute video on Whatsapp?
  • How can I send 150MB video on Whatsapp?
  • How can I send more than 100mb video on Whatsapp?


So let’s look into the possibilities for these Queries:

There are four options available now to share Large Video File on Whatsapp:

1: Trim the Video

Open Whatsapp Messenger and Navigate to the contact, Then click the attachment icon on the bottom right

Now Click the Media Sharing icon to pick the Video File

Once you select the video file, you get to choose a particular portion of the video and Send the Video the Contact (as a half Part)

Same way, you can send the rest of the Video or Trim the Video to exact Point using a Video Cutter Software online

You can Share the Large Video file in the form of Short Bit of 100MB each Video, You can cut down the video into 2 or more small Videos. Then Share Videos in multiple numbers

2: Optimize or Convert Video:

One of the best Alternative to sending the large size Video on WhatsApp is Optimizing or converter to lower file format to shrink the size. Here we have a lot of software available to make use of them. I mentioned Few of them.

Video Converter:

Video Converter software Like Uniconverter, Freemake, can help to reduce the size by degrading the video quality and therefore you can have a chance to send the complete video Whatsapp in single Shot. Some of the best

Video Optimizer/Compress:

Youcompress, Clideo Softwares are the best choice to optimize or Compress the video and it can help you to send video files on Whatsapp

3: Using the Media Storage App:

Similar to Documents, you can share videos files by uploading to the File Storage Applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive Etc. using this application, you get to upload the Large video files and receive a sharable link. This Sharable link can be sent to any recipient on your Whatsapp

4: Quick Media Transfer App

File Transfer service are New Trend web Application to quickly send any document, image or Video file of maximum 2GB File.

Benefits of Using File Transfer web Apps: No need to Create Account, 2GB file Transfer Services Etc

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