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How to Search Snapchat Username(Look up Snapchat Profile)

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Search Snapchat Username: In general, unless you know the Exact Snapchat Username, you can’t find the real person you are looking for. But There are chances to make the process little more easier. let’s check out the useful trick for you

Snapchat Display name is different from Username. You can change your display name on Snapchat , but can’t change the username as mentioned by Snapchat team.

You have to make sure to re-check the username while you are creating Snapchat Account as First instance

One more thing, if you know the username of a snapchat user, you can easily find their Display name & Public info. But, if you have Display Name of the User, it is difficult to search the person.

Because of any reason, No one uses their display name or real Full Name as username in Snapchat, so it is more tough to find a Particular Snapchat user. And even Snapchat can’t give same username to multiple account that clashes the Profiles

How to search Snapchat Username:

How to Search Snapchat Username(Look up Snapchat Profile) | Snapchat Username | Find Snapchat Username | Search Snapchat username Online

Method-1: Snapchat Address Book

Snapchat has quick solution to look up Snapchat Usernames in the app itself. The Contacts List(Address Book) on your Mobile can get you the usernames of the known people.

Once you sync your Snapchat Profile with the Address Book, then you have a Quick search option to know the Snapchat Usernames based on the mobile number used by Particular in his/her Snapchat profile

So now,

–> On your Snapchat app, Swift Downward to open your Profile

–> Then Find “Add Friends” from the Other available options

–> Now, you have choice to pick from the Address book

–> Search the address Book to find the profile and Click on Plus(+) Button to add them as your Friends

Method-2:Add By Username

Besides the Address book, you can also have access to the Global Snapchat users search option on the App. So will check out this Snapchat Username now

Open Snapchat Application and Navigate to Profile by sliding the Screen

Find “Add Friends” Option beside your snapchat profile

Click Add Friends to Open new Menu which has “Add by Username” & “Add From Address Book”

Tap on “Add by Username” to view the Global Snapchat Search Engine

Now you can view list of Snapchat usernames along with display names based on your search terms

Once you get to know the exact person, click on “Plus” to add to your Friends List on Snapchat.

Method-3: Use Search Engines


snapchatusersnamesfinder-Search Instagram Usernames

Snapchatusernamesfinder helps you to search Snapchat username based on Location and you can add your Location to your profile while you Sign up to this website.

This App traces Snapchat users based on the Location along with Demographics


addmesnaps - Find Snapchat usernames

AddMeSnaps is Special designed website to search the snapchat profiles based on the users Searches. In its Search Bar, you can type in Search term that might coincide with Usernames of desired snapchat profile


spokeo-search Snapchat usernames

Spokeo gathers Profiles of Different Social networking Apps & sites to show you the results based on the matching search terms. It has a simple interface and you could see the search strings on different apps. This app has Quick-results Feature


snapdex instagram Username search

Snapdex allows the users to explore the snapchat Profile using the display names or similar Usernames. To make it easier, you get to filter the Profiles based on Category & Location. And Sort the list with Popular, Rating & Newest One

Social Cat Fish:

sociatcatfish - Search Snapchat usernames

Socialcatfish is the trusted search engine for Social media Profiles. Using this app, you can connect back with the Friends, Family, Colleagues with any of the Searchable Information like Name, Email, Phone, Username, Image

This Application helps you find the Snapchat users and even more, it traces any data used by multiple social Profile online


Ghostcodes - Search Snapchat Username(Look up Snapchat Profile)

GhostCodes trace any snapchat user with its Largest Snapchat Database of Profiles. It is basically Search Engine with quick results Lookup website with Features like Display name Search Box, Filter the Profiles based on category Etc

This Search Engine can find out who is behind a Snapchat profile without an account or Signup process.

Conclusion: Hope the above mentioned tools will trace the snapchat profiles quickly. Share this article, if this information is helpful to you

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