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Download Photo Sphere App for The Mobile and PC

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Download Photosphere App for Mobile: The most easiest way to view any photo sphere on your phone is to use Photosphere App. You can create it by your own in your android device. The app is available on both Android and ios. You can get the side by side view with your VR headset. Android Photo Spheres are panoramic images on steroids. You can take 360-degree images of the entire room, the entire outdoors or just a portion of each. Best yet, your Photo Spheres are compatible with Google Plus and will display in posts and allow visitors to interact with the spheres to view them. As moving further, if you want to see your photo on your VR headset. Then, it will be much easier for Android users with the use of these apps. Browse any type of image, Launch the cardboard App, run Photosphere and it will automatically search the photosphere which you recently added. They will be displayed in the same order as they were captured.

Android PhotoSphere App – How to use it?

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To take a Photo Sphere:

Go to the camera app. Tap the camera icon and pick the item that looks like a small globe with a panorama stretched over it. That's the Photo Sphere mode.

Keep your camera Steady: 

You should see a message to align your camera with the blue dot. Tilt your camera up,
down, left or right slowly to match the center of the screen with the blue dot for the next
area. The picture will snap automatically when you get there.

Keep going for as long as you wish to take as many images as possible and make your
complete Photo Sphere.

It may look a little weird if you try to take pictures of people since they tend to move between shots. Landscapes and interior shots are your best bets.

Share your photo to Google Photos or Google+, and everyone who has access to view your
post will enjoy your work.

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