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OnePlus Concept One Unveiled 2020 with Invisible Camera & More Features & Specifications

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OnePlus Concept One #2020: Brand New Smartphone has been unveiled yesterday in OnePlus Series, i.e., OnePlus Concept One. This time, Mclaren has collaberated with OnePlus to Reveal Latest Series OnePlus Concept One with a new Look of Orange Colored Leather on the back with a McLaren’s Signature on it. It is actually inspired from the McLaren 720s Spider Sports car.

OnePlus Concet One SmartPhone unveiled 2020

First smartphone with Disappearing Camera!

The highlighted Feature in OnePlus Concept one is the invisible Camera made with Electrochromic Glass.

The Electrochromic Glass has New-kind of Technology to transform Plain Opaque camera to complete transparent one, Only when you Turn on the Camera App, you get to see the Three Cameras to take photos, for best visuals , check this video:

OnePlus revealed just the look with a Short Teaaser , the complete Specifications and features are yet to be released and it has predicted to have 48 MegaPixel Primary Camera and 16 Megapixel Ultra-wide Camera

Stay tuned to ATC, for all the updates about #OnePlusConceptOne

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