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Offline MultiPlayer Games for AndroidA Multi Player Game is the best way to have Fun while we are in a Group and it is Exciting to play all the Participants in one Single Game. Offline games are helpful in case you lost the internet access or Face an issue with Wifi Feature on the Android Mobile. And if you are browsing the Internet for ‘Offline MultiPlayer Games’ for the source. Then no more searching , you have actually landed in right Place, do check the Complete List of games Mentioned here in this Article and Start Playing the game now

How does the Multiplayer feature work without internet or Wifi?

As we know most of the Multiplayer games requires Internet to stay connected over the Network and access the Access on all the Multiple participants devices. But With the Built-in Feature called ‘Bluetooth’. It will create the connectivity on the the Network and Join all the Multi Player Participants in one Game. It is the Only way to Play the Offline Game without the Internet access.

13 Crazy Offline Multiplayer Games for Android:

multiplayer fighting games for android | best offline racing games for android | multiplayer games for android via hotspot | offline multiplayer games for androidThere are Several games available in Offline Mode to play them without any internet Connectivity. And here we have sorted the Big List of Offline Games in to Fighting and Racing games. Do check them and Download your Favourite Game now

Best offline racing games for android

Asphalt 8: Airborne

With high quality Visuals and Graphics, Asphalt 8: Airborne Game creates a real Racing Track for all the Video Games Lovers. With a Lot of Customizable Styles and designs of Cars, it Assures you the best Car racing Game online. Other than the Visuals, Asphalt is the Best Racing Game with the High Performance Machines to help you to win the Fast Car Race among a Group of Professionals.

Racers Vs Cops: MultiPlayer

Racers Vs Cops is the best offline to play with a group of Friends. This Game makes it special with an Extra Feature to compete with the Cops to stay away from being Caught from them. And the Different Gaming Modes like Racers, Police, and Multiplayer.

In Racers Mode, you need maintain distance from Police. And Police Mode, you are assigned to Crash the racers Cars. When you are playing Game in Multi-Player Mode, you can choose either Police, or Car Racers to play as you like

Balls Race:

The New Addictive Game in the Racing Category is the “Balls Race”. You may be confused about the Name with Car or Bike. But the complete game is a Unique and every New Player will addict to it.

Balls Race is an Offline Multi-Player Racing Game for Android Users, it is a Simple and Visually Excellent game. Mostly you have two to three keys to manage the Race and you have to stay safe from obstacles coming towards you. Moreover you have Opponents for a competitive racing environment.

Moto Traffic Race 2: Multiplayer

Moto Traffic Race name itself states the Nature of the Game, you need to Win the Race while riding on the Track having full of Vehicles crossing by. Once you Crash the bike by sliding with the other vehicles, you get ‘Wrecked’ on th screen and you need to Start the Game from the Beginning.

Super Car Racing : Multiplayer

Super Car Racing is a Sport game with five different tracks to choose along with the Car having Various Speed, accelerating, braking etc. With a Lot of Customizing options, like unique Colour, Speed and Designs for Car, it makes it Special for Riders to play their own game

Real Racing 3

Real racing 3 is the visually Excellent Game with Clear cut Graphics to make the gamers feel like a Real Car race. The Environment and Race Tracks are also visible in a Perfect Manner. 17 different Tracks are available in this game to choose one based on the Gamer Preference. Ferrari, Aston Martini and Benz are some of the 140 car Collections. The real-Time Multiplayer feature is the Additional Feature and it actually gives it more Fun

City Racing 3D:

Car upgrade, Multiplayer, 1 VS 1, Customization are the important features of  City Racing 3D game. As the name says, it is Street Racing game with real-time Traffic Situations. And Based on the score you get, you can have a Chance to Upgrade the level to ride new cars with More customization options and added Speed

Air Combating Racing:

This Games Features include 3D Graphics, three Game Modes, Several Leader boards, Battlefield, and the specifically the Missiles & Machine Guns with the Player.

Most of the Racing games has the Speed & Vehicle. but this Game has additional feature to combat with the opponent using the Machine Guns & Missiles. As a War Based Racing, the Total Environment is created like a War Zone and you will love the Game at the First Play itself. Do try out Air Combating Racing Game!

Multiplayer fighting games for android

Brothers in Arms® 3:

Brothers in Arms 3 is the Truly a war Game having the same atmosphere, Weapons, Counter Attacks etc. For every new Level, you get new weapons to use on. And in Multiplayer Mode, you need to follow the Maps to master & Finish the Task as instructed for all the Soldiers in the war Place


Terraria is a Clear Fighter game for Android users, the High-Graphics involved in this game requires a lot of Memory space to support for High Performance of the mobile. The Interface might be look older, but the game has A lot features that collectively makes it a Special game in the Fighter Category

Counter Attack – Multiplayer FPS

Counter Attack is the High-Quality Game based on war Zone and the Military Mission. Here the Weapon Targetting is the Special feature, you could Spot the Exact location on the Person. The Game is named after the Original Task of Military person and it gives you a hint to counter fire on all the opponents in that region

Special Forces Group 2

Special Forces Group 2 has more levels and Maps with a lot of weapons to use on the Mission. you could Change to any Weapon over time and even get a Grenade to Throw them on the opponents on the war place. With Total 9 Game Modes, it is the best Fighting Game for continuous GamePlay on Android device

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia 

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is Similar to the military game but it gives a Different view than a Real-Time Mission at War Place. With the Mini Sized Soldier, it is exciting to play the game with features like Zoom Control, Heavy Duty Weapons, Survivial Modes etc. And it is one of the Most downloaded game in the Google play Store on Android

Critical strike multiplayer:

Critical Strike is Real-time Multi-Player games with Stunning Graphics that Creates real-war Combat environment. All new Collection of weapons does the shooting game much easier. And This features adds it the Classic Look to the War Game

Standoff Multiplayer:

Standoff is an Arms Trooper and Sniper related game on the War Place. In this Game, you have a Choice to Change the Role and play as a terrorist or the Counter Person in a Particular. Depending on the Role you could Choose the weapons from the given Collection

Hope all this Games would gives a key note on all the Offline Multi-Player Games available for the Android Users

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