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[Latest]How to get iMessage for Windows 10 Desktop/PC

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iMessage for Windows pc is preferred by most of the iOS users based on the convenience or usage for a long time. Besides the regular IOS users, large base smartphones users are interested in iMessage because of its Standard features. And if you are looking for iMessage for Windows PC, Follow the Guide till the end which includes simple tutorials to make PC access.

Choosing iMessage App

iMessage is a Default standard App for sending SMS, Pictures, Videos, Gifs via the internet on MAC. There are several unique features available on iMessage and adds few more with newly released App version

iMessage Features:

-> Sending text messages using Internet access

-> Group Chating on iMessage like coordinating with your team, Friends Group

-> Delivery Report for all the text messages sent to any recipient with Secure encryption

-> Sharing Media Files(Pictures, Videos, Gifs), Document files, Audio Files Etc

-> Compatible over all the Mac Devices

All these features attract smartphone users to switch to iPhone

Access iMessage on PC:

iMessage designed to be accessible on all Mac PC, and you can easily connect iMessage with iCloud Account. Just you need to Sync the data and access with iCloud login, this process barely takes 10-15 minutes,

But Accessing iMessage on Windows PC takes a few tricks so that you could connect the app and start texting without jailbreaking. Let’s know those simple methods to access iMessage App on Windows Desktop.

How to Get iMessage for Windows 7, 8,10:

iMessage for Windows | Download iMessage for Windows Desktop Online | iMessage download for PC

IOS Developers have no released a direct app or software to connect their apps with Windows platform and mostly we cannot expect it to happen.

Hence we have to go for available resources to connect or Download iMessage for windows and access its features to the full extent.

Mostly If you search for:

  • iMessage for windows computer?
  • can I download iMessage for windows?

You will hardly land on pages who would suggest installing IOS Emulators or the Remote access software. And it is true, unlike these methods, you have no real or 100% secure way to get iMessage on Windows Desktop

To make it more simple and easier, I have Categorized all the possible methods to three main division with tutorials

1) Using iMessage on Windows with IOS Emulators:

A) iMessage over Bluestacks:

iMessage for windows 7 | iMessage for Windows 8 PC | iMessage for Windows 10

Bluestacks Emulator is the top-rated emulator for Windows Desktop, Where you can access both Android and IOS App

You can quickly download Bluestacks from here

  • Once you install Bluestacks on PC, you get to view the main dashboard
  • Navigate to the Search bar and Enter “iMessage”
  • From the list, tap on original iMessage
  • Click on ‘Install’ beside the iMessage icon
  • After installing the app, configure the iMessage with iCloud account
  • Login with iCloud with email address & Phone number
    wait till all the chats are loaded on the screen.

this way you could perfectly connect iMessage on Windows Computer with no much hassle

B) iMessage access with iPadian

ipadian- iMessage for Windows | Download iMessage for Windows Computer

iPadian a perfect app to run IOS apps on windows PC, simply get the iPadian App installed on your computer. then check the below tutorial

-> Launch iPadian software on PC, complete the setup

-> Then you land on the Dashboard,  navigate to list of popular apps

-> Select iMessage app and click on install inside the iPadian Platform

-> Similar to regular Setup, sign in with iCloud (Email & Phone number)

2) iMessage for Windows Jailbreak-Cydia:

A) Using Cydia

iMessage for windows 7 Desktop | iMessage For Windows PC | get iMessage for Windows

It is an individual app store to jailbreak and access IOS Apps. You can use this app to install iMessage online

-> Download the Cydia Software and install on Windows PC

-> Get Remote messages App installed inside Cydia Software

-> Configure the remote messages app to receive a web-interface with ip Address

-> Now, Open a Web browser and type in the IP Address

-> Then you get to search for iMessages for Windows

-> Install the app and sign in with iCloud on the Browser itself

This way you get the app on Web-interface on Windows PC

3) Remotely Access iMessages for Windows Computer:

iMessage for Windows 10 Desktop | download iMessage for PC

iMessage can be accessed using remote access software, while your iPhone or Mac PC has an Internet connection

Step-1: Turn on iCloud Sync iMessage Data

Open the Settings app on iPhone and navigate to Apple id

Tap on it and Choose iCloud Account

In the iCloud integration apps,  select iMessage application

Turn ON Toggle Switch to Auto-Sync data with iCloud

Step-2: Sync data with Messages App on Mac

Open Messages software on Mac PC, login with iCloud Login Details

Navigate to Messages options from Top Menu bar

From the options, Select preferences -> iMessages tab

A new page will be displayed on Screen, Enable Messages Sync with iCloud

Login with email and Phone number, Then Turn On ‘Sync Now’

Step-3: Launch Chrome Remote Desktop on Browser

-> Install ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’ extension on Chrome Browser (via Apps) on Windows PC

-> Once Tap on ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’ icon and menu options will pop-up

-> From the options, click on ‘Create Shortcut’, save the shortcut on the desktop

-> You will be redirected to a Pop-up Menu, Click on ‘get started’

-> Now the executable installer is downloaded on PC, install the ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’

-> After complete installation, launch the app to land on the dashboard

-> Here click on ‘Enable Chrome Remote Desktop’ to connect to Mac PC

-> Make sure Mac PC, and Windows PC is connected to same network

-> You will be prompted to log in to remote PC with ID and Password

Then Enter Mac id & Password to Begin the Live Remote Desktop access where you can access any of the IOS Apps. In our case, you can open the iMessage app and start using!

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