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A Beginners Guide to KIK App, How to use Kik?

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The Most Popular Instant Messenger app Kik, has reached more than 100million people with unique Feature of Chat without using mobile number. It has amazing feature likes: Profile integration, Live Typing status, Media Sharing, Video Chat etc.

Kik Messenger (Kik in Short) made the conversation on smartphones more easy & at zero cost unlike the regular text messaging that costs per every message. This beneficial feature triggered the users to list under regular chat & messaging app. The sense of anonymity has been an additional advantage to share the profile on social media to interact with any person.

Before we get straight to user guide, will know the Special features:

  • Quick Access to Kik Profiles using Kik Code
  • Auto-Connect to your Contacts in kik app, when they signup on the app
  • Hide Group Chats on the kik Application as Private Group Chat

Multimedia Messaging: Photos, Videos, GIFs, texts

A Beginners Guide to KIK App, How to use Kik?


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Once you install Kik App and Signup with your Email address, you would land on the dashboard

As a quick chat process, the kik app will sync your contacts and show you the contacts who are already using the Kik app. This way to could get in touch with closest contacts

How to Send Media files on Kik App?

As a regular messaging, you can write a text and send to the contact. But to share a image you need:

Turn on Toggle Switch Image or Video icon

Select the media files from the Gallery or Share video Record live

How to Find People on kik App

  • Kik Messenger allows only the Username search option:
  • Click the “+” on the top right corner of the dashboard
  • Enter the “usernames of a specific person” to add to your contacts
  • Or Kik allows use of ‘code’ or ‘Quick Scan’ to find a profile

How to Customize Kik Chat?

You can Customize any specific chat on your kik app :

  • First, select a chat you would like to customize
  • Open the chat and Tap on Profile or group name
  • Now you could see a list of options
  • Click “Change Chat Theme” and check out the collection
  • Pick the best one, then Tap “set Theme”

You can even activate the dark mode on kik using the “Dark Mode” theme in the available kik theme collection. It will be activated instantly

How to Join Group chat in the Kik App?

Kik users can join Group Chat in two methods:


Join Group using kik Code,

Pull down the main screen on kik to switch on the Kik Code scanner

Scan the code as mentioned in the Group code and Join the Group


On the Main Dashboard, Click “+” button

Then Turn on the “Public Group icon”

Now, search for available Group names in ‘Public Group option’

Once you find the Group, Tap on “+” Button

How to Create Private Group on Kik?

Kik has a unique feature of creating a Private Group,

You can hide the Group from the Public by using Privacy feature

  • Click “+” on Dashboard top Corner, select “Start a Group”
  • Search the Kik Users you want to add to the group
  • Then Add group name and Picture
  • Finally Click on “Start”

How to enable/Disable Notifications of Chats

By Default, Kik enables the alerts for chat Received or delivered based on the recipient accessibility

  • If you want to disable the alerts for delivery reports, navigate to Settings
  • Click on notifications, then Turn off the “Toggle Switch” for delivery reports

How to read text messages on Kik without them knowing

Kik does not include Built-in feature to hide the Message read reports. But you can actually read the messages with a trick

  • Once you receive a message on Kik app
  • Turn Off the Internet connection or Enable the Airplane mode
  • Open the kik app, Read the received text message
  • After reading the message, close the kik application
  • Now Turn on internet or Disable Airplace mode to restrict the kik app from sending the message delivery reports to the server

How to Block Someone on kik App?

Kik messenger has block List on the Chat app itself:

Go to Settings option on the Kik app

Select “Chat” settings and navigate to Block List

Click “+” on the Top Right corner, search for usernames

Open the profile, then add the List to Block

And you can find if someone blocked you on kik using this:

There is no specific option in Kik app, you can get the Check the Message delivery reports to find the Status

A regular Kik user will receive the messages and the sender will get a delivery report compulsory. If the recipient blocked the user, sender will never be able to see the delivery report.


All the above mentioned tutorials will definitely make the Kik App more easier. And in case you have trouble while doing the process, you may go for Kik deactivation. That way you can remove all the traces of your account. Then you can re-install the app to make it work perfectly.

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