3 Effective Ways to Update your Android to latest Version

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How to Update Android: Android Mobile is the most Used Mobile Phone in the World. It has the Highly Functional system and User can manage the mobile issues on his own by following simple techniques. Android is the basic and standard operating system available in the market now. This Operating System gets last updates with a lot of added features every year. After being announced by the Android Officials. The new update will be released to individual company mobiles with the difference in time. If the user wants to download the latest Android version (Android Oreo), then following Methods will be helpful

How to update your Android Version :

Update your Android | Android | Android Tips | Android UpdateBefore we go into the actual topic, we have to know that Updating Android version is possible with Easy steps but takes extra time based on the size of the Android update.

Android Phone can be updated with 3 different ways.a)Direct access to Wifi, b) Through Computer, c) By Rooting the Device. These three methods are effective and Easy to get over the Updation Problem. User can get the new update manually by following the Step-by-step guide Below

  1. Direct Access to Wifi:

    For every Mobile, Official Andriod developers release the new Version based on the device compatibility and if a device is a compatible user can check the Automatic Android updates this way. This Process includes Go to> Settings > About Device> System Update

  2. Through Computer:

    Firstly, the user needs to download the updates from the original sources. Then Android device is connected to Computer through official Mobile Connectivity Software like LG PC Suite for LG Mobile and Kies for Samsung etc

  3. Rooting Manager: 
    Mobile Rooting is effective in all the above ways. A user just needs to find a suitable Rooting Mobile Apps like KingoRoot and IRoot etc.

Special Note for all the ATC Readers::

  • Backup your Data before your start updating Android Version
  • Check The Phone Space ( Free Memory Space in Phone)
  • Go for Rooting if nothing works ( of above 3 methods)

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