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How to Split Screen(Multi-Window) Android – All Android Tips.com

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How to Split Screen(Multi-Window) Android: All the Smartphone can use a Split screen with Android Nougat and upgraded versions of Mobile OS. This way you can use multi apps at the same time by splitting the screen into multi-Windows to operate all simultaneously.  The user can now watch Netflix and check your email at the same time. Be excited on using the android phone. Android gives the Flexibility to try different things on Mobile with no extra hardware requirement

How to Split Screen (Multi-Window) on Android:

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Android newer version allows you to multitask with the split-screen mode.
There are two ways you can use split-screen mode. both methods give you the same result, you can refer anyone whichever you like or can use both

First is Drag and Drop Method

  • To use the drag and drop method, You have to open the apps you wish to use
    in split-screen mode.
  • Then, Tap the app switcher icon (it’s usually a square on the right side of the
    navigation bar)
  • select the first app. Now, drag the app to the top of the screen to drop it into place.
  • Once your first app is open, now you can tap the second app
  • It will now appear in the bottom half of the screen.

    Now, finally, when you have both the apps in split-screen mode, you can easily
    make size adjustments.To adjusting the size, you can drag the divider line that is available betweenboth apps.

Long-Tap Method:


The second way to enable split-screen mode is much easier if you are already in an app
And don’t want to close the first app. you can switch two-second one easily.

–>If you already in an app, simply long-tap the app switcher icon.

–>The primary app will minimize to fill the top half of the screen

–>You can see the other open apps at the bottom of the screen.

–>Tap the second app you wish to use and it will automatically resize to fill thebottom half of the screen.

Again, it’s pretty easy to adjust the size of each app in split-screen mode bydragging the divider line between both the apps to your desired location.

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