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(3 Methods) How to remove Google Search bar in Android

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How to remove Google Search bar: Android Home screen is easy to customize with drag and Drop Widgets or Apps Even. Apps are mostly added as Shortcut for quick access to the mobile Application. Along with Widgets, Android Allows to fix Google Search Bar on top of the home screen for Googling the Information. This Sometimes creates disturbance in Mobile Home Screen.  Some of the users may face the small issue of Google Search bar hanging on the Top of the Home Screen. Mobile with Beautiful Wallpapers can be unclear due to the Search bar that covers the part of the screen. Most of the Android users make use of it and if you feel like removing the Google Search, then Follow this Guide written below.

How to remove Google Search bar ( 3 Methods ):

1.Disable Google Search:

How to remove Google Search bar in Android | Google Search Bar in Android | Delete Search bar in Android | how to remove google searchThe user can disable the Google Search Application to hide the Toolbar on the Home Screen.

How to Do it?

Step-1: Navigate to Settings

Step-2:  Then Click on APPs Tab

Step-3: Scroll down to reach “Google” and Click to open its Settings

Step-4: Press “Disable” to completely hide the Search bar

Quick Navigation: Settings > Apps > Google > Disable

2. Remove using Launcher App:

Install Custom Launcher App like Nova or Apex on your mobile. It will allow you to edit or even delete the Google Search bar. So you can simply remove it with a Click

How to do it?

Using Nova Launcher > activate Nova Launcher > Press & Hold the Google Search bar to Remove / Edit it. Click remove for hiding it

3. Widgets Settings:

On Home Screen, we have Widget settings, through that, we can alter some of the Screen portions

How to Do it?

Long Press on home screen to get the Zoom-Out Menu that displays widgets and Settings go to Google Screen and Switch “On”

Video on How to remove Google Search:

Above Three Methods are best ways to alter the Google Search bar on Home Screen, Different Mobile may have their own settings. But, one of the Three Methods will surely work on every mobile. if you have queries pls do comment below

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