How to find hidden apps on android (5 Methods Explained)

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Most of the Android users might have faced an issue with finding Secret Apps on their mobile Phone. If you are one who wants to find hidden apps on Android Gadget, then Read the 5 Methods explained briefly in this article. Before we enter the Actual process, we confirm you that all the processes explained here are as the Knowledge of the Android user. so if you have faced any problem by following the below things do comment.

How to find hidden apps on android

How to find hidden apps on android | Hidden Apps | Android Apps | How-to Guides

#1 Unhide Apps on Launcher

First, check the device Launcher hidden option to find the hidden apps.This feature is available on some launcher, for ex-Samsung default launcher, KitKat Launcher, and Nova launcher, etc. To see hidden apps on the above launcher device first checks, uninstalled’ it’s the hidden option of the launcher.
To Enable the hidden app on Android just Click on “Menu Button on the Home page.”Now show the “3dots” on right corner site and choose the “hide apps” option and make it unhide.

#2 Enable Apps on Application Manager

When you bought a new Android device, a lot of pre-installed apps already installed this device. These uninstall because the apps are system apps.To stop the features of these apps then Go to Setting >>Application Manager>>Default Apps>>Choose apps>>Force Stop and Disable.Now, the apps are hidden on Android device.
The hidden apps are disabled mode so you can’t find it? To Find these apps Go to Setting >>Application Manager>>Default Apps>> Scroll down >>Choose Disable Apps>>Enable the apps. Before to check next first check the above two methods.

#3 Find hide apps on Device Administrator

The device manager is system framework on Android device.This features can’t modify. This Administrator controls the whole device control.In my experience, Android device manager is preinstalled apps to protect your device to the thief.To enable this app first granted the device administrator value.
To deactivate this type of hidden apps by deactivating its administrator privilege go to Setting >>Security>>Device Administrators. But, sometimes it does not work because the kind of malware apps hides the deactivation option, to find out this kind of apps to put a secret code on your device.

#4 Use Secret Code to Find Hidden apps

The truth spy app is very strict on security features. This app is tracking your device and send the data, whose person tracker you.You can’t find these apps to Device administrator to know this just open your Phone dialer and Type #2013* then calling button. Now open a new app that is truth Spy.

#5 Use File Tracking Application

There are some apps which track the file system both of hidden and unhidden. Share my personal experience using the file sharing apps like Software data cable and ES file explorer. You can just install the apps targeted phone, and go to my apps option just click on that and get the hidden apps on android.

If use ES File Explorer to find hidden apps on you target Android, first, install the ES File Explore apps and click on the menu button. Then show the two options show hidden files and other is system hidden file, simply active both. This is the help to find hidden apps on android.

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