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How to Check Phone history on android (if deleted unintentionally)

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Every device has its own features and a user can able to play it tricky to hide the information or media files. As we know, Android Phones are the most used devices worldwide. so let’s talk about the one Secret feature which is unknown to most of the users. The Special feature is to reveal the phone history of android after being deleted unintentionally or to hide the user profile. This article is a Quick tutorial to check the android phone history. We have prepared the steps in Straight-forward way and user can easily understand the content

Most of the android mobiles have same settings to check the previous usage data of mobile. Just make sure to follow the exact steps and procedure to get the information required for tracing mobile statistics. This tutorial is safe and anyone can perform the task unless altered the important settings installed by the Mobile Manufacturers

How to check Phone History on android:

How to check Phone History on android | Android Mobile History | Check History | Mobile History | How-to GuideFollow the Step-by-step guide to make the process more simple and easier without being stuck on any issues.

Step-1: Go to Phone Dialer on your mobile

Step-2: Press *#*#4636#*#*

Step-3: It directs to a Menu named “Testing”

Step-4: Now Click on Usage Statistics & done!

You get the Whole list of history your android mobile and can sort the list by name, usage time & last time used of all the installed application. Through this Process, user can instantly check the statistics like exact Date and time

Bonus tips:

From “Testing” Menu  User can:

  • Know the Network and Imei Number of Mobile
  • check Wifi Information like Signal Strength, GPRS, GSM status etc
Important Notice:
  • User Data can be checked and can not be altered
  • Other than Usage Statistics, if anyone changed values or disabled anything even unintentionally mobile software may get corrupted and user must visit the mobile Store to fix it

If you have got the usage statics as per the instructions, please comment on your views and stay in tuned to alltechcorner.com for more Guides!

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