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Android 4.0 to lose Support for Google Play Services Soon !!

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As of Facts near to 85% Mobile market depends on the Android OS and even the Mobile manufacturers are creating devices as per the Android mobile Structure. Because of Flexibility over different mobile applications, lot of Consumers are shifting to Android devices.

Google Play Services | Google Play | Android updateComing to the Android Update rate,only rare updates can be seen from the developers side compare to the Mobile applications updation. And to Overcome this, Android Team has developed a latest Version called Android One to get quick updates for each and every changes in the Technology Trends in the Mobile market. hence, Update to your Mobile to Latest Android Version today. or else your mobile get stuck with the older Version and no support will be received from Developers.

Google Play Services will be discontinued for Older versions of Android OS

From the Recent update Mentioned, it is Known that,

Mobile running the Older Versions of the Android Operating System will be turned down for Sure and it depends on the Latest Android version update. In this case, now the devices holding the Android 4.0 will soon lose Support for Google Play Services as Reported by developers. And user can no longer report to the team for resolve. If you are running the 9th Android OS ( Android 4.0 to 4.0.4), it is a better to quickly update your Mobile OS

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