17 GBWhatsapp Themes Collection for Free Download(Android)

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GB Whatsapp Themes Free Download: Are you looking for GBWhatsapp Themes Online? Here we have mentioned an ultimate collection of GB Whatsapp themes to customize your Messenger & Chat to a Unique interface. Do check out each & every Theme to sort out the best theme that fits into the App perfectly without any Flaws.

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What is GB Whatsapp?

GB Whatsapp is simply a Customizable Version of Whatsapp Messenger application, where you can change the Interface and icon to your Preferred Colour & design. Also it can find more options to take hold of your Privacy & few crazy Tricks to Try on.

Features of GB Whatsapp Theme:

Hide your Chat: You can hide your Chat using encryption and no one can check it unless he/she knows the code. This way you can hide the Personal chats or Messages in a Hidden Folder using GB Whatsapp Theme

Invisible Profile status Checker: Your Profile will not be listed on Status Viewers, and the person who has uploaded the Status will not know whether you checked his/her status. This way you are an invisible person to check the Whatsapp Status

Password Protection: You can lock your GbWhatsapp App using a Password to avoid the unauthorised activity on your Profile. Hence you are protected from any other person using your Mobile

Hide Blue Ticks option: Switching the Blueticks to block mode,  unless you disable this option the Message sender cannot find you have checked his/her message but not replied to it. It will just show like, message is received but not read by you.

Icon Color Changer: Alter the Gbwhatsapp icon to your Favourite Colour and you can do it with in few seconds & Apply the changes to it

Download Whatsapp status: All the Whatsapp Status visible to you can be downloaded and Saved on your device with a Single click

Offline Mode: No one know if you are Online using the Offline Mode Option on GbWhatsapp themes Online. Even if you are Online, you will be hidden mode and no Last Seen can be displayed on your Profile

Specifications of GB Themes apk?

Size : 20KB to 10MB

How to Download GB Whatsapp APK?

Steps to Download GB Whatsapp Apk:

Click on the Download Link of GB Whatsapp APK provided at the Bottom of this article.
You will get apk version for the GB Whatsapp application saved on your PC or Mobile

Go to Downloads Folder on your Device,

  • If you are using Mobile, then Tap on the Apk file to quickly initiate the installation process
  • or you are PC user, then get the Bluestacks app for PC and setup it up before you go for  Gbwhatsapp Apk. once it is done, from the home screen of the Bluestacks navigate to downloads folder on PC, select the apk file. Then install it
  • Follow the Instructions on each page and proceed to next step. Then Finish the installation Process.


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How to Install and Apply GBWhatsapp Themes Download:

Once you download & install GBwhatsapp Application on your Mobile. Follow the below steps:

  • Click on Three dots on Top-Right Corner
  • Tap on ‘GB Settings’ option in the Menu
  • Once you see the GB Settings page, tap on ‘Download Themes’ option
  • Here you get to see a list of all GBwhatsapp Themes on the Page
  • From the available options, click on ‘Apply’ Button  beside each GBwhatsapp theme to apply it
  • Within few minutes, the theme will be saved on your dashboard, and save the changes ‘Restart the app’

Using GBWhatsapp Themes?

  • After getting your Favourite theme, the design visible on the screen can be altered with in few mins and you get several options to choose from the download list
  • Even you change the Theme, all the settings will be the same and no changes will be applied to the available options

How to Delete GB Whatsapp Themes:

Deleting GB Whatsapp theme is even more simple than applying it, Just do this:

  • Tap on ‘Three dots’ icon, then click on ‘GB Settings’
  • Scroll down till you reach ‘More options’ and Tap on ‘Clear’ button
  • This Step will remove the GBwhatsapp theme in few Seconds of time

17 GB Whatsapp Theme Collection for Free Download(Android):

1) Chelsea:

Simple Gbwhatsapp theme to get the plain look of a Mobile Phone. Download it now to customize the Messenger application with minimal storage space.

2) Madrid View:

Get the Real madrid location view on your Mobile with a Single Theme. once you apply this theme, the whole mobile view will be changed to Madrid Place.

3) High in the Sky:

With this theme, you get the plain scenery of the deserted location , where a Helicopter is going its way. If you love dry Lands and Helicopters, you must choose this damn good Theme.

4) It’s Google:

It’s Google gives a Old Age Video Games interface to your GBwhatsapp Application on Smartphone. this theme actually changes your interface to a Video Game.

5) Helado:

Get the icecream Shaded Home Screen on your GBwhatsapp account instantly usign Helado Theme. Download this GBWhatsapp theme now and customize your dashboard & chat

6) Heart:

Download the Lovely Gbwhatsapp theme available for your Dashboard, it glows with all the Love Signs on the Screen. get it now!

7) Toast:

Give it a try, it is a Summer and Beach view Template to fit your Android Mobile for Free. Download this Toast Theme & Customize the Theme instantly.

8) Foot Ball:

Get the Sporty Theme on your Smartphone using this Football Template. Apply this theme to view the Football Game visuals

9) iPhone IOS:

want your mobile to look like iPhone, then do get this IOS template to change the android view to iOS by downloading it

10) Cartoon:

Love cartoons? then you will definitely like this GBwhatsapp theme. It has clear graphics of cartoons to get a Comic view on Mobile

11) Avengers:

Apply the Massive action Movie”Avengers” theme on your Smartphone, Apply your Favourite actors in the movie on the Dashboard to make it attract

12) The Swan:

The beautiful Swan as the background image for GBwhatsapp users. get this theme and apply it to display the light coloured interface on your mobile

13) Skull:

Deadly look of the Skull on the background of GB Whatsapp Theme.It displays Skull at the middle of the Chat Box.

14) Rapid:

It has a Three-colored template for GB whatsapp Application for full Width View on the Android Screen. It has Yellow, Redish Colors used to create Graphics

15) Barcelona:

Get the Design of Barcelona on your Smartphone, it includes a icon & logo of the Barcelona city. It is an attractive theme of the above theme, but bit large in size to fit in internal storage space than other themes

16) Skiing:

Skiing is crazy Game to try on, and you can fit that Skiing Players Picture on your Mobile using this Theme. And it is Easy to Apply on GBwhatsapp Application

17) Cutie:

Cute Love birds on the Board, it is a Pleasant Background theme. The light Bluish color glows on the Screen & it actually adds attractive look for the Application

How to recover default Theme on GBWhatsapp?

Several times. you face the issue of the Framework and Design while installing the different Themes from the collection. Hence you need to recover the default theme to get your Whatsapp to its Perfect old State. And you do it this way:

  • Open GBwhatsapp Application, Navigation to “Setting” option through three dots menu icon visible on Top-Right corner
  • Then Click ‘More’ from the given options, in  few seconds it displays a New Web Page where you need to click on ‘Clear’ Button.
  • Once you cleared all the changes, made to your App, it will ask you to restart the application to save the Changes
  • Now, click on ‘Restart’ and Proceed with ‘ok’
  • Done !, you have successfully recovered the Old default theme

GB Whatsapp update Apk download:

Latest Version of GBWhatsapp Apk:( Link at the Bottom)

Download GBWhatsapp Apk

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