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6 Fast SmartPhone Charging Technologies 2020

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Fast Charging Technology has changed the way we use the Smartphones, especially when we consider Smartphone usage(screen time) & longer time of battery charge.  Smartphone evolution brought more things to life after it is launched.

There is a Drastic change in way we used Mobile phone for just calls & Messages and to Online Banking, Capturing Photos. Media Sharing, Video Chat Etc. This increased the usage of Smartphone for longer hours.

Gradually the Battery Charge has been problem to the Smartphone users, Then Mobile Manufacturers developed new Fast charging technologies to make it more Consumer-Friendly, That could take barely 60mins to 80mins.

Slowly it is reduced to 40mins duration to Fully-Charge a smartphone that supports more than 2hours of Voice Calls.

Individual smartphone manufacturers have introduced their own Fast charging Technologies,

Let’s Understand the Fast Charge term,

As you plugin your Smartphone to Power Supply, it gets charged as the power flows-in. This technology is older one and it takes more time to Fully Charge a battery.

From the Physics, it is known that Using a Voltage more than Current in a device can decrease the time taken for charging it.

Most of the Fast Chargint Technologies have implement this Formula and developed devices that supports higher voltage, Thereby increased the Speed of Smartphone Charge.

you can check out Fast Charging Technologies developed with Different Name as per brand.

Latest Fast Charging Technologies:

6 Fast SmartPhone Charging Technologies | Fast Charging Technologies

  1. Quick Charge 4,  Quick Charge 3.0 powered by Qualcomm
  2. VOOC by Oppo
  3. SuperCharge by Huawei Mobiles
  4. Warp Charge, Dash Charge by OnePlus 
  5. Adaptive Fast Charge by Samsung
  6. TurboPower by Motorola

From the above list of the Fast Charging Technologies, let’s know about them in detail

1) Quick Charge Qualcomm:

Quick charge 4.0 by Qualcomm:

Qualcomm introduced Quick Charge 4+ for Snapdragon Smartphone to Fast Charge which lasts for long time while supports all kinds of Functionalities. Its Features include: 4X Faster than regular battery Charge, Optimal heat management, and compatible with multiple devices

Difference Between Quick Charge 3.0 & 4.0

Smartphone with Quick Charge 4.0 requires 5mins charge , that lasts 5hrs. With just 15mins, it reaches to 0-50%. It includes 3 Levels of Protection in Current & Voltage and has 4 levels of temperature Protection to optimize the heat in smartphone.

Fast Charge:

-> Quick Charge 3.0 is 2x Faster than Quick Charge 1.0

-> Quick Charge 4.0 is 4x Faster than than Quick Charge1.0

2) VOOC Oppo:

SuperVOOC Flash Charge:

SuperVOOC Flash Charge has increased its potential to Fast Charge upto 40% of Battery in Just 10 minutes

vooc flash charge 3.0 means

VOOC Charges your smartphone from 0-75% in 30 minutes and has power management of 20W.

3) SuperCharge by Huawei

Similar to VOOC Flash Charge, Supercharge can pick 70% of battery Charge in 30mins.

4) Warp Charge, Dash Charge by OnePlus

5) Adaptive Fast Charge by Samsung

Adaptive Fast Charge has Micro USB to charge the Smartphone that could reach 50% Battery within 40minutes.

6) TurboPower by Motorola

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