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How to ‘Delete Tinder Account’ Permanently

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How to delete tinder Account: Tinder account has several security to avoid the issues with users. And as a user, if you wish to delete the profile for any other reasons. You can opt for Tinder Account Deletion with few steps on app settings. If you thought to stay away from the Tinder by deleting the tinder app, you are wrong that way.

Unless you get to remove the tinder account in-app or website, you are never detached from tinder. So you can find a simple procedure to deactivate the tinder account or even delete tinder permanently below

How to Delete Tinder Account Permanently:

How to delete tinder account Permanently | Delete tinder account | De-Activate Tinder Account

Once you create an account in tinder and set up your profile with bio, pics. you are completely uploaded your data in Tinder app. This way, tinder saves your data to help you to find the best matches. It works similar to any other dating app but in a more secure way.

Once you got a match and you are in a healthy relationship. Then you are no longer require a dating app. Over time you may forget your Tinder account. But as a process, Tinder will show-up your profiles to other users to get a match

In this way, any of the users in your location can find your profile. Therefore it is better to delete the tinder account and get rid of this kind of issues

Here you have two options to hide your Tinder account for others :

  1. Deactivate Tinder account
  2. Delete Tinder account Permanently

Note: Before you de-activate or delete tinder account, you are advised to cancel the Tinder Gold or Tinder plus Subscription

How to Deactivate the Tinder account:

Deactivating Tinder account is quick and easy. with this step, you get to Pause your Tinder profile from shown in the discovery zone( Search )

This way you get to hide the profile and stay away from all the future notifications & alerts.

You can deactivate the Tinder account :

-> Open Tinder app or Tinder.com

-> Navigate to Profile Section and tap on it

-> Check out the Quick-menu options, here choose ‘settings’

-> A page will pop-up with all settings, pick ‘discovery’

-> Then you land on profile ‘Discovery’ page with ON/off option

-> Turn off the toggle Switch to hide your profile in Tinder search

How to delete Tinder account permanently:

Tinder allows deleting your Tinder profile permanently in case of any issue. It is User choice to remove the account or just stay away from tinder.

You can delete the tinder by following below process. This step will remove all your tinder information & data like Messages, Matches & profile related information.

To delete Tinder account:

-> Open Tinder app or Account in Tinder website

-> Click on the Profile icon to view short-menu

-> From the shown menu-options, Tap on ‘Settings’

-> Now on the Settings page, scroll till you reach ‘delete the account’

-> Tap on ‘Delete account’ and confirm with ‘Yes’

Finally, you have removed yourself from the Tinder app safely and no sign of profile is left on the app.

If you have any questions left in your mind, read below Faqs below:

FAQ: Tinder De-activating or Deletion

Q1: After de-activating the tinder account, can we able to chat with the previously matched profile?

A1: yes, you can. Deactivating a Tinder profile has few limitations like: already matched person will be able to see your profile and chat with you

Q2: Can I access the same deleted Tinder profile by creating a profile?

A2: no, you can not access the deleted profiles. You will able to create a new profile

Q3: What happens to Tinder Plus or Gold user after deleting the account?

A3: After deleting Tinder account, all the subscription will be cancelled automatically

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