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How to Delete Kik Account ?(Deactivate or Delete Kik Permanently)

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Delete Kik Account: KIK App is an instant messenger application that allows sharing Image, Videos Plus text messages with unknown or Strangers. This application grabs attention with a feature of Hidden the Mobile Number. Kik application is used by Millions of People with its unique and Privacy Features.

Why Kik is getting negative Mark?

Delete Kik App Account | Remove Kik AccountBesides these features, the Kik app has received a negative mark with the Spammers and Offenders using the app for unhealthy communications. This app is never allowed children below 12 yrs and if in case you find the Kik in Children. You must be looking for deleting the Kik app instant.

To Give a Simple Solution to remove the Kik user account permanently, we have created a simple tutorial to delete the Kik account and the data

Deactivate or Delete kik Account permanently | Remove Kik Account

How to Deactivate Kik Account( for Temporary Deletion)?

Kik itself has created a webpage to deactivate your Kik Account for a few months and You can re-active the account as usual. Therefore you have a choice to use the app Fulfledge ( Full activated account)

Benefits of deactivating the Kik Account:

–> No updates or Notifications from Kik to your email Account

–> Usernames & names of the Deactivated accounts are not visible

–> Your Kik Name is hidden in the Saved Contacts lists of other users

So let’s get to the Process of Deactivation of Kik Account,

1) visit this Official Kik Deactivation Webpage and enter your Kik user Email ID

2) Submit the Form for Temporary deactivation of Account, By clicking on “Go”

How to delete Kik Account Permanently( Permanent Deactivation)

You can remove the Kik account forever using an Official Created webpage by Kik App Developers. With this Process your Kik User account will be deleted permanently with traces left in it

Before you get the Know the process lets see

What Happens after Kik  Account deletion:

–> No User can re-activate the Permanently deleted Kik account

–> No Notifications, Messages, Emails Regarding Kik App are received after deletion

–> Kik User Account will be deleted from Search feature, Hence no one can find you in Kik App

–> Your name will be erased from the saved Contacts lists of other Kik Accounts

–> All the Kik Account History is Removed along with your Contacts list( database)

Delete the Kik Account with way:

1) Access the Official Kik Account deletion Page and Fill out all the details of your Kik User Account ( Username, Email)

2) Accept the Terms of Kik Account and Click on “Go”

Done, your Kik Account will be deleted permanently and you will mostly receive a confirmation mail as a final notification from Kik App developers

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