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How to Turn on Dark Mode on Instagram

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Dark Mode on Instagram: Most of the Instagram users are looking for Dark Mode to make the visibility even better without hurting the Power Backup. And as most of the Apps have included this Feature to cope with the issues related to increased battery usage, Higher Internet etc.

Introducing dark Mode to any Social Networking apps Like: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,  Etc and Other Apps like: Whatsapp, Gmail, Youtube,  can actually increase user engagement & promote more usability. Hence, Instagram has Good Chance of improve in  User Experience with this Dark Mode or Night mode Feature

Here in this Article, I will explain you about the Dark Mode Feature in Instagram and other queries to it without lagging

How to Turn on Dark Mode on Instagram

How to Turn on Dark Mode on Instagram | Dark Mode for Instagram | Enable Dark Mode Instagram

Before, we directly go into the actual way of Activating Dark Mode on Instagram, let’s discuss its available & different ways to access it

Is there a Dark Mode for Instagram ?

Instagram has no Direct Option/Feature to Switch to Dark Mode in its App, This Feature is Yet to be Included into the mobile Application

But Still you can access Dark Mode on your Smart Phone with a new Feature in every Smart Phone

Minimum requirements of IOS & Android Devices to enable Dark Mode in instagram:

Operating System: iOS 13 Version in an iPhone Device and Android 10 Version in Android Smartphone

There are three or more queries with same purpose Like:

  • How do you turn on the dark Theme on Instagram
  • How do I Turn on Dark Mode
  • How to Activate Dark Mode in instagram

For all this questions, Scroll down

How to Change to Dark Mode on Instagram:

You can check out solution for Enabling Dark Mode on Instagram below:

Go to Settings App on your Android & iOS Device :

Navigate to Display Settings & Tap on it

Now Scroll down to Dark Mode/ Night Mode Option

Here you need to Turn on the Toggle Switch to Activate the Dark Mode on your SmartPhone

This way you get to Enable Dark Mode on Instagram

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