41 Dare Games for Children and Adults(on Whatsapp)

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Dare games: Truth or Dare is the Special game to Trigger your Friends to say the True or let them do a Crazy Stuff or Task. The game was now been shifted to Whatsapp Group and more Whatsapp users are search for this kind of Crazy Games online

The Questions involved in Truth or Dare Game hides the most Exciting & Some Times even embarrassing Moments. And Moments creates a lot of Fun in the Friends Group. Most of the times, Questionnaire ask a Tough which would be mostly Tough to Answer than saying Yes for Dare Game.

Dare Game is even more exciting when the Players are creative and more players will be interested to play than just the 2 players.

Since this Verbal Game involves several Funny & Truth Emotion related Questions, It is a Best Game to play in a Party or in a Group Meetings. Boys & girls will be more interested in this Game to know the other Person in Deep.

We know that Truth or Dare Game is played among a Group of People. But being in Digital era. most people are using Whatsapp application. And the Whatsapp Dare Games are made more Trendy now.

As a Fact, more people are Added to Whatsapp Group to interactive or Connect with Colleagues and Classmates. This Groups have a Bunch of boys & Girls which may trigger them to play the Truth or Dare for sure. And this Whatsapp dare games are Trending in the Social networks now . Not just dare games, There are also Whatsapp Puzzle games, Funny Games in the Verbal game.

Since there are more people in Facebook Groups, dare game in FB are making a mark in Trending list. If you want to try out this dare game on your Whatsapp, FB check the complete List below.

Dare Games | Whatsapp Dare Games | Dare Messages

Whatsapp dare games with Answers:

Question-1 :

Who am i for you ?
c.Pain Killer
Chocolate = Love
Drug = You can’t Live without Me
Pizza = Good Friends
Sweet = Best Friend
Pain Killer = You Need Me
Cigarette = Addicted to me
Burger = Time Pass

Whatsapp Truth and Dare games:


Tell me all the Cities with the ‘Clues’ in each number in “30 Seconds”

  1. 🏛®U
  2. ♦🐍®
  3. 🐷🌃
  4. 👂🏻💨rrr…
  5. 🌁🏔🗻🐍®
  6. 🕌 🛏
  7. 🅿🍪N🅰
  8. ⛓🆕
  9. T🍪🐍®
  10. 🌙D🏠
  11. 💣💃🏻
  12. ⚫🔫
  13. 🔥®🅰
  14. ➡🚪
  15. ❤li


  1. Bengaluru
  2. Itanagar
  3. Surat
  4. Kanpur
  5. Srinagar
  6. Hyderabad
  7. Patna
  8. Chennai
  9. Tatanagar
  10. Chandigarh
  11. Bombay
  12. Calcutta
  13. Agra
  14. Indore
  15. Delhi


Whatsapp dare games for lovers:

  1. Which country or Place you wanted to visit at least once in your Lifetime
  2. Write ‘I am Stupid’ on Your Forehead and Send me a Selfie
  3. First Thought in mind when we met for the First time
  4. My Contact name in Your Phone?
  5. Nick name you want to give me?

Whatsapp dare for crush:

  1. Tell me something you don’t like in me?
  2. Rate my Profile from 1 to 100
  3. Sing a Song for Me
  4. Things you hate in me
  5. Tell me your relationship Status
  6. Add I Love You + my Name in your Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Dare games for Friends:

  1. Recharge Rs.100 for my Number
  2. Rate me 1 to 100 as a Friend
  3. Tell me your ex-GF/BF name
  4. Make my Picture as your Display Picture for 1 day
  5. Share a secret with me
  6. Name of your First GF or BF
  7. Have you fallen for Love at First Sight?
  8. Name of your First Crush?
  9. Do you Smoke or Drink?
  10. Weirdest thing you have done
  11. Name of your Family you like the Most
  12. Tell me about yourself in 3 words
  13. Three Things you want to change in the World
  14. Anyone slapped you other than your Family members
  15. Send me your cutest Pic
  16. Dance on a song and show me
  17. Send a Voice note Saying “I LOVE YOU”
  18. Send me a Picture of what you are doing right now
  19. Clothes that doesn’t Suit me
  20. Dedicate a Song for our ‘relationship’
  21. Block your GF/ BF for 1 Day
  22. send me your Funniest Picture
  23. Send me a screen Shot of your Mobile Home Screen
  24. Makeup yourself to Look like a Ghost
  25. Send me picture number 3,11,33,47 in your Camera Roll ( No Cheating)
  26. Describe me in 100 words
  27. Say my Name in loudest Voice & Lowest Voice
  28. 3 Things you want me to change in Me
  29. Don’t  Talk you me for 24 hours
  30. Delete my Number
  31. One Incident you Feared for the Most
  32. 5 Interests or Qualities you expect from life Partner
  33. First thing you check in any Person at your First Sight
  34. 3 Qualities you like the most in yourself
  35. Nick name of your First Love
  36. Put ( My Name + is my best Friend) in your Whatapp Status
  37. Add my Picture as Whatsapp Status for a day

Dare games for friends ends here

Whatsapp Puzzle Games:


Things You see in daily routine:

  1. Kboo
  2. UHglsitn
  3. Wclkalckol
  4. Bekfooac


1-> Book

2-> Sunlight

3-> Wall Clock

4-> Facebook

Whatsapp Funny Games:

One Funny Thing you did in your Childhood which still makes you laugh?

Q2: Tickle your Friend for 2 Minutes

Dare game for FB:

1. Like all my Facebook Profile Pics

2.Tag me as your Best Friend with Two lines

Stay tuned for more updates !

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