How to Add All Friends to Facebook Group(Solved)
Facebook Group is a fun place to interact, share, Chat with all your Friends, Colleague etc. You can gather all your close friends and add them to a group instantly on Facebook Website, Android App. But you need to play a simple trick to select your friends & add all of them to one Facebook… (0 comment)

5 Tricky Ways to View Private Facebook Photos
Facebook being a Social media giant has millions of photos uploaded every day all over the world. You can not view all facebook private photos as per the privacy settings by the Facebook team. if you are looking for a tricky way to view or see the Facebook Private photos, Just read this complete guide.… (0 comment)

How to Delete Shared Photos Messenger
Deleting a Shared photo on Facebook messenger is tough and previously most of the messaging apps didn’t have the ‘undo’ button to remove the picture or conversation before the recipient could see it. Slowly need for the features have risen in short & tech advancement has brought the ‘undo’ & ‘Delete’ feature to several online… (0 comment)

How to View Hidden Email Address on Facebook
Finding Friend’s email address on Facebook is now tough ever since the security Levels increased to protect the Credentials of Facebook Profiles. Earlier, privacy was not that strict, As a user, you were able to check out the Email address & Mobile Number. The security level is tightened-up since then and every profile has an… (0 comment)