3 Best Ways to Convert OXPS files to PDF File format
An OXPS file is saved in the OpenXPS (abbreviated form of Open XML Paper Specification) format. With the help of OXPS, we save the information that describes the content and structure of the file and preserves its layout. We use OXPS files for keeping letters, essays, newsletters, postcards, resumes, and business documents. But sometimes we… (0 comment)

3 Ways to Rotate image in CSS Coding
CSS is the best stylesheets program to present the HTML elements in a more visual way. It adds more effects to the Layout of the webpages to make the code more user-friendly. If you are Editing the Code and suddenly came up with an image Rotation task on CSS? Then you try out any of… (0 comment)

How to update android Apps from Google Play Store
How to update Apps on Android:  If you are new to Android or this is your first new Phone then you need to know as there are lots of love for you and it all starts with finding best apps for your Device. You can Update Apps from Play Store: Google Play is the app store… (0 comment)

How to root android phone Manually without computer (PC)
How to root android phone Manually without Computer (PC): If you want to acquire core features of your Android device and your Android device don’t allow for this limitation, then the only way to get your desire is root your android device. Now before root your device, please have a look what actually pros and cons… (2 comments)

How to turn off Screen overlay on Android (Samsung)
How to turn off screen overlay on Android (Samsung): Screen overlay is one of the common problems for Samsung users especially the latest Samsung Models. It is one of the annoying errors and irritates you until you get the perfect solution. So, here we are a solution and discussing How to turn off overlay on Samsung… (0 comment)