5 Best Podcast Apps Available on Android Devices

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Free Podcast App for Android: Android is taking lead in every technology and modernizing people by giving them the entire tech in hand as much as possible. Like as FM, that word we have listened as far as FM is just now for Cars. Every one now want to listen their favorite song but don’t want to download at the same time because of much storage. Like some has storage issue, some only want to listen song only once.

In this fast forwarding tech world android comes with many amazing apps which will allow music podcast where we can stream our favorite song at any time. Below mentioning some of the best and amazing apps listen to podcasts on android. Have a look.

5 Best Podcast Apps Available on Android Devices

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1. Spotify:

The one and most popular app having millions of download. it’s surprising it took Spotify so
long to jump on the podcast bandwagon. Spotify has a beautiful user interface that is
incredibly simple to use. With apps for both Windows and Mac, it’s also easy to continue
listening to your podcast at work. If you like obscure podcasts, however, Spotify may not be
the best option. Spotify carefully curates the podcasts on its platform, meaning you may not
be able to find less popular ones.

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2. SoundCloud:

SoundCloud has become quite the podcast app over the past few years, and many content creators now choose to upload their podcasts directly to SoundCloud in addition to other
platforms. The main downside is that it will take some time for you to find all the podcasts
you want to listen to, but once you do, everything will work nicely and smoothly.

3. Podcast Addict:

Podcast Addict has a pretty nice feature set, especially for a free app. It offers support for
Sonos speakers, so if you like to listen to podcasts around the house, this may be the perfect
app for you. Video podcasts are also supported on Podcast Addict.

4. Castbox:

Castbox is another fairly new podcast app that makes finding your favorite content
simple. With Castbox, you can listen to more than 50 million different podcasts from
around the world. In addition to providing a huge assortment of content, Castbox offers a
clean and easy to use interface.

5. RadioPublic:

RadioPublic is a relative newcomer to the Podcasting world, but it has some pretty impressive credentials; RadioPublic’s founding partner is the nonprofit Public Radio Exchange. The team at Radio Public wanted to create a podcast app that helps listeners discover and connect with content creators.

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