10 MB Games to Play at Lowest Memory and Power on Android

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10 MB Games: Download the Latest List of all the Games under 10 MB that are easy to fit on all Smart Phones available in the Market. Check the List below and Pick your Favourite Game for your Android Phone

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Top rated 10 MB Games for Android device:

Meganoid Free(1.7MB,4.1)

Meganoid is a Best one among Top rated Games under 10 Mb. This Game is Similar view of Super Mario. The Hero will be Collecting the Diamonds and there by unlocks the Next Levels of Game. Totally there are 300 levels to Finish the Game. So it is Fun to Play the Game till you reach last level. Because of its lowest memory Consuming Functionality, it gets a lot of Downloads. Not just that, it is top rated one among the Games listed below

7X7 – Best Color Strategy Game (2.1MB, 4.1)

https://youtu.be/SuqaNi67O-w 7×7 is a simple Puzzle Game that involves Just the Colours. By moving the Coloured pixel, we can match the same Colored Boxes. This way score will be added to the Player. It is a bit Tricky Game and Player need to be check the Position to end with Top Score. One Click Undo Feature in this Game can be helpful to the User.

Soccer Kick (Football Shoot) (2.4MB 3.8)

Soccer Kick is a Small MB Game for Android device. In this Game you will be given a Three Shoot Button with Footballs Placed in different Spot. Here you need to Click a specific button so that, the Yellow Colored Football is Kicked from the Settled position

Chain reaction(2.7MB 4.4)

https://youtu.be/L15TaZbLUo0 Chain Reaction name states the Game concept. It is a Multi-Player Game with alternative chances to play the Board. Both the Players need to add a Orb to the Grid at any spot and once there is a Reaction between both the Colours. The Orbs colours will be changed that decreases the number of Orbs of the Opponent. This Game will continue till one of the Player has no Orbs with him.

Brave Ninja (7.6M 4.5)

Brave Ninja is a Task based Game that provides a lot of Skills to Practice and reach Goals in every levels along with Gold Coins Collection. The More Power you possess by Training the skill sin the Game you will get the more chances to End the Level. Graphics in this Game make the Visuals  more attractive and you will be amazed with the Whole Game under 10 Mb.

One More Brick (7.7MB 4.6)

One More Brick name states the game overview. Here in this Game player need to Break every Brick Pillar settled in different Position. You will be given balls to break the the Brick and the twist is, unless the Number(displayed on Brick) comes to Zero brick will not lose its Strength. For every brick you break you get a Score & the Player makes a Move Forward. 

Scrap Clicker 2 (8MB 4.6)

Player in Scrap Clicker need collect Barrels to receive Scrap and if you collect more Scrap, it becomes Golden Scrap which will be Counted in the Score. Then you earn the Level upgrades to Earn more Score and Finish Each levels. Download the Scrap Clicker 2 game now and have fun while you Capture the Gold in the Virtual World

AA (6.5MB 4.2)

AA Game has Old Style Concept to fix the next Ball to the Tree. We get to Shoot a few Sequence of balls with a Number of each Ball. Player needs to throw on the Spinning Wheel to Make it fix on the Wheel. The Trick here is the new ball thrown on to the Wheel should not come near or Collide with the already fixed Ball in AA Game. if that happens the You get Fail ! notice

Matches Puzzle Game (6.9MB 4.4)

CJ Strike Back (6.9MB 4.3)

Crazy Wheels (7MB 4.0)

The LIne Zen (7.5MB 3.9)

Poly Path (7.6MB 4.6)

Brave Ninja (7.6M 4.5)

One More Brick (7.7MB 4.6)

Scrap Clicker 2 (8MB 4.6)

Singularity (8.1MB 4.7)

Prehistoric Park Builder (8.5MB 4.6)

Caveman Adventure (8.5MB 4.2)

Hungry Hopper (8.6MB 5)

Backetball Shoot (8.6MB 4.4)

Cooking Tycoon (8.9MB 4.3)

Snail Battles (9.5MB 4.4)

Shadow Skate (9.6MB 4.5)

Friction (10MB 4.7)

Dr. Driving (10MB 4.5)

Sky (10MB 4.2)

Knock Down (3.3MB 4.0)

Racing Moto (7.4MB 4.3)


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